1. Album Art



    Fiona Apple- Paper Bag

    Paper Bag
    Fiona Apple
    When the Pawn...
  2. Beyonce - Countdown

    Even though I don’t have a man, I still listen to this song on repeat when I go running. Not only is it catchy as all hell (and the video fucking rules), but it makes me feel hopeful. Hopeful for a time when I feel that excited about a guy again. Because you know what? I do pretty alright on my own. And I’m willing to wait until someone makes me feel the way this song makes me feel. Just so I know that it might be something real.

  3. Girl Talk + Dance + New York City = My Heart

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i take the stairs.
i'm sarcastic and emotional and loyal.
tea. sequins. books. travel.
these are a few of my favorite things.
i dream big.